We are going to introduce you Juventus squad. Following players are the best in their team.

Gianluigi Buffon

This is a choice that does not need to argue. A choice that is impossibly simple. Buffon is the only main goalkeeper of Juventus this whole century. At the dawn of his career in Juventus, he was compared with Kahn and Toldo then with Casillas, Dida and Cech, after Neuer star rose, but Buffon still remained one of the best and did not give reason to doubt his abilities. Gianluigi was as close as possible to the Golden Ball 2006 and, perhaps, only dedication separated him from this award. After all, it is much more difficult to get a ZM playing in Serie B than to get it by going to Real Madrid, as another hero of that season did. Refusing the many proposals, Buffon received in return a huge love of fans and an unshakable place in the annals of the history of the Turin Grande.

Now Buffon is 38 and he leads Juventus to historic achievements in Italian football. Juventus fans can’t imagine life without Numero Uno and dream about GJ raising the Champions Cup. This is a living legend and I am very proud that in my collection there is a Juventus t-shirt with an autograph of Gianluigi Buffon.

Giorgio chiellini

A broken nose, a bandaged head, a menacing look, all this is an integral part of Giorgio’s game. Almost 12 years old Chiellini in a black and white T-shirt, the only field player of the current composition, who managed to play at Capello. It is significant that Chiellini was repeatedly recognized as the best defender of Serie A in those seasons when Juventus was in a terrible fever and the team was in seventh place. This is pillar of defense which is rightfully among the best.

Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro spent not so much time in Juventus, but it was enough to join the best team. After all, Fabio is the last winner of the Golden Ball among the players of Juventus. Now it is hard to believe in it, but Cannavaro moved to Juventus from Inter for 10 million euros plus reserve goalkeeper Carini. In Inter considered that Fabio played his best years, but in Turin, Cannavaro became the best player in the world. It will take many years and another Milan team will make a similar mistake, but more on that later. Cannavaro left Juventus in 2006, not all fans forgave him for that. The return of Fabio in 2009 gave rise to indignation and protests by a certain group of fans, but probably, deep down, every Italian, every Juventus fan is grateful to Cannavaro for his services.

Leonardo Bonucci

Alessandro Nesta was the perfect partner Cannavaro, but in our team it can’t be. Bonucci is very close in the game to Sandro, we also rarely see his desperate tackles, his fierce selections, instead, a competent choice of position, tactical literacy and a great first pass. We confess, it was very difficult for me to choose between Bonucci and the great Thuram, and maybe we are a little ahead, but Bonucci is only 29, his devotion to a black and white T-shirt has been tested, which means a couple more seasons and his place in the national team of the best of the 21st century will give in to doubt.

Gianluca Zambrotta

Zambrotta since Juventus is an absolutely top end defender. He is stable, versatile, reliable in defense and creative in attack. Ancelotti, Lippi and Capello appreciated the skills of Gianluca. Let me remind you that Zambrotta started in the position of right midfielder, but during one of the rare injuries at the beginning of the 2002-2003 seasons, newcomer Mauro Camoranesi played well in his position. Lippi found the optimal solution and Zambrotta turned into a full back. There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped, Zambrotta revealed in the new position and was considered by experts to be one of the best in the world for many seasons. Successes with Juventus and the national team provided a place in their national team.

Andrea Pirlo

He is genius, Maestro, a gift of fate for Juventus fans. We would never have thought that after 10 years in Milan a player can become a legend and a favorite in Turin. But Pirlo football wizard and he succeeded. The current successful era of the trophies of Juventus would have been impossible if it were not for Andrea’s team, he managed this team, he instilled confidence in his partners and he admired the whole world with his renaissance. In Turin, Pirlo raised trophies over the head every year; he became the best in Serie A history in terms of the number of heads from the standards. The Berlin final could be a cherry, but it was a tragedy. Pirlo’s tears after the finale were remembered by the whole world and, perhaps, there wouldn’t be anyone in the world who would tell him at that moment that men do not cry. Sitting in the stands of the Berlin stadium, we did not cry, we just had Pirlo’s tears in my eye.

Claudio Marchisio

Claudio 31 years old of them 24 he spent in Turin. He is the little prince who grew up in the real Prince Juventus with a capital letter. You can often hear the opinion that if Calcopoli and Marchisio had not happened, they would have been lost in leases, because at that time a bunch of CLCs were made up of Emerson-Viera blocks, and the media were actively wooing Gerrard in Juventus. It was extremely difficult for a club pupil to prove himself in such conditions, but something happened that happened. After a one-year lease at Empoli, Marchisio returned and won a place at the base of Juventus, and now for the 9th consecutive season without him it is impossible to imagine the bianconeri midfield.

Paul Pogba

We understand perfectly well that with this choice we’ll challenge the wrath of many, because heyter Paul and calling him a flaming fire is one of the most fashionable cliches on the site, but Conte isn’t the trainer who goes to PR, and it’s under him that Pogba became the main player of Juventus at 19 years old. The midfield of the sample of the final of the Champions League 2015 was as close as possible to the ideal one, but one place in it needs to be freed, you know for whom. So, choosing between Pogba and Vidal, we made a choice in favor of Paul. Why? Because Pogba is the most expensive player in the history of football, thanks to his game for Juventus. It is a fact. Another argument, Pogba remained in the team after Pirlo, Vidal and Tevez left, and it was Pogba, and not Vidal, who, despite all the criticism in the first half of the season, became one of the leaders of the new Juventus. The third argument will be a little story. At the end of the match, he said on the phone that Vidal is very strong, but Pogba is unique, despite his young age, and he needs to be bought for any money.

Pavel Nedved

Replacing Zidane is one of the most difficult tasks, but the Czech laborer succeeded. Pavel Nedved moved to Juventus at the age of 29 and for the next 8 seasons he was a real motor of Juventus. About how Pavel plowed in order to become the best composed legends. They said that Nedved spent almost all his free time in bed and rested from incredible exertion. The award for such hard work found Nedved in 2003, when he won the Golden Ball. The whole world worried with Pavel when he fell to his knees, receiving a yellow card in the Champions League semi-final in the match with Real. This episode will remain in history as one of the most dramatic. We can only guess how the final would have been playing Nedved in it, but history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.

Nedved did not leave Juventus in 2006, deciding to repay the club that gave him so much. Fans and management appreciated such loyalty Pavel became a real legend of Juventus and received a position in the management. Nedved could not win the Champions League as a player, but he still helps Juventus reach this long-awaited goal.

Alessandro Del Piero

He is record holder of Juventus in the number of matches, record holder of Juventus in the number of goals. He is captain, leader and legend. The man who was respected by his rivals was one of the few who applauded to the Bernabeu while standing. The man, the farewell to which forced to put a mean male tears almost every fan of Juventus. We rejoiced at his ups, experienced his fall, like most of the modern fans of the Turin club. Del Piero was against the fact that 10 rooms were forever assigned to him and taken out of circulation, he wanted the new generation of players to have a goal, an incentive to leave the same mark on Juve’s history, with a sign for the club, 10 on the back, but we all know that they are no longer doing this. No one can leave the same mark in the hearts of Juventus fans. I will not be afraid of such loud words, but I will be glad if I am mistaken in this and there is someone who will repeat the great path of Del Piero in Juventus.

David Trezeguet

He is the perfect attack partner for Del Piero. 10 years in Juventus, a record number of goals for Juventus among foreigners. David’s place in the national team of the best of the XXI century is reserved for many years. Trezeguet also remained to play in Serie B, which automatically makes him the idol of the stands, although in 2000 it was very difficult to believe that, having buried Italy in the EURO final, David would become a legend and favorite in Italy. David left Juventus in 2010, and in 2014 he was given a farewell ceremony at the Juventus stage before the match with Roma, about whom I already wrote. The whole stadium was standing applauding to David and it was unforgettable. After the ceremony at the stadium, the anthem was traditionally included, and then I finally felt that Juventus is one big family.

Stars that did not make it to the national team

  • Zinedine Zidane – one season in the XXI century is too little to get into the list of the best. Even for such a genius.
  • Edgar Davids- One of the heroes of our childhood. It was incredibly difficult to unhook it, although initially I planned to put Edgar in the lineup. I will try to explain why in the end I chose between Pogba and Vidal. From the 00-01 season, Davids played 125 matches for Juventus, half of his career in Juve remained in the 20th century; there was also a suspension for nandrolone. The peculiarities of human memory always incline us to the fact that the past is better than the present, but after weighing all the pros and cons, I considered that the contribution of Pogba was great.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovichem- Thus, he became the coolest Zlatan outside Turin.
  • Carlos Tevez- Left a significant mark, but in his place Del Piero.
  • Patrick Viera and Filippo Inzaghi – See the reason for the missing Zidane.
  • About Liliana Thuram and Arturo Vidal has already been said.

Hard workers who deserve to be noted

  • Gianluca Pessotto – 6 seasons in the XXI century.
  • Alessio Takkinardi – 5 seasons
  • Alessandro Birindelli – 8 seasons
  • Paolo Montero – 5 seasons
  • Chiro Ferrara – 5 seasons
  • Igor Tudor – 5 seasons
  • Mauro Camoranesi – 8 seasons.

If we were guided by emotions and personal sympathies, then Mauro would be in the lineup. But Mauro has always been a workhorse, a real plowman who remained in the shadow of his partners, because he played in a very stellar composition. Mauro is one of those heroes who conscientiously do their work very well, but they lack talent, brilliance, genius to be among the best. After all, even his native Argentina missed him in the Italian national team without much regret.

  • Stefan Lichtsteiner – spends 6 season
  • Andrea Bardzali conducts season 6

Well, and Simone “Grande” Padoin. We could not help but note this modest hard worker who is ready to play in any position. It’s funny, but the arrival of Padoin coincided with a new era of trophies. A bit of humor, fans will understand. Each of these players spent more than 100 matches for the Turin club in the new century.

One of the most difficult transfer window deals reached a successful conclusion: Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara joined Milan, and Leonardo Bonucci returned to Juventus. The two most successful clubs can’t always agree, but the agreement on the transfer with the participation of the trio may be one of the most mutually beneficial transactions that they made. This also means that Higuain and Caldara have joined the amazing list of players who will be remembered in both clubs. In honor of the deal, we present the top 11 players who wore famous T-shirts and bianconeri and Rossoneri. And we think it will be a very good team.

Marco Storari

Storari could not get through to the upper levels of Italian football until he was 27 when he was signed by Messina. Milan tried it four years later in 2007, but he was unable to knock out Did and Christian Abbyati. He went to Juve in 2010 after several rentals. He became the backup goalkeeper for Gianluigi Buffon in Turin, but spent 43 matches in Serie A, winning four Scudetto in a row. He returned to Milan in January 2017 for another 18 months.

Gianluca Zambrotta

He is the undisputed great Italian and winner of the 2006 World Cup. Zambrotta won two consecutive Serie A titles with Juve for seven successful years before heading to Barcelona after the Calcopoli scandal. Two years later, he returned to Serie A at Milan, where he won his third Scudetto in four years at the club. He ended his career at Chiasso in Switzerland.

Leonardo Bonucci

Six Scudetto, three Cups of Italy, two Champions League finals for seven years – a worthy career by any standards, even in a club such as Juve. Perhaps, therefore, 42 million euros from Milan and its transfer caused so much bitterness. Bonucci obviously did not completely burn the bridges. After the season as captain of the Rossoneri, the Italian star returned to Turin, ready to challenge the critics and the aging process and re-establish partnership with Andrea Barzagli and Giorgio Chiellini.

Sandro Salvador

A pupil of “Milan” Salvador won two Scudetto four years before he went to Juve, where he established himself as one of the great defenders of the era. Two more championships and the Italian Cup followed a 12-year career in Turin. During this time he became captain of the Italian national team, participated in two World Championships and won Euro 1968.

Alessandro Orlando

Orlando spent only one season with Milan and Juve, but they were quite successful. In 1993/94, fullback won the Serie A, Italy Super Cup and the Champions League, before moving to Juve to win the national double next season.

Edgar Davids

One of the best products of the legendary youth system “Ajax” in modern times Davids came to Italian football in Milan in 1996. He spent at San Siro just two years before moving to Juve, where Pitbull won three Scudettos, reached the 2003 Champions League final. Of course, it was a defeat for Milan.

Patrick Vieira

Vieira spent only two matches for the main team of Milan, but the talent of the rising French star was clear. Soon, nine fantastic years followed at Arsenal. In 2005, he went to Juventus and finally won the Serie A title, although he was canceled after an investigation by Kalchopoli. Ignoring anything, he went to Inter and won four Scudettos in a row.

Juventus transfer news: Chiellini: “Ronaldo often shattered my dreams, but now we have a common goal”.

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini admitted that he had not treated Cristiano Ronaldo very well before. “Cristiano scored a lot of goals. He often scored us and destroyed my dreams many times. So, it was in Cardiff, Madrid, Turin. Previously, winning the Champions League was a dream. Now – this is the goal, because Ronaldo is the best player in the world, and we have. He has fantastic skills. His attitude to football, the way he works, prepares for the match, how he lives every day, all this can help us. The team has changed with his arrival.

The first three months came out almost perfect. I think Juventus is one of the favorites of the Champions League, along with Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Real, Bavaria. But there is PSG and Atletico. These teams can also win, “- quoted Chiellini BBC Sport.

In the current season of Serie A, Ronaldo played 19 matches in which he distinguished himself with 14 goals and 6 assistants.

Juventus wants Chelsea to include in the deal for Higuin Emerson

Chelsea defender Emerson may return to Italy. According to Tuttosport, Juventus is interested in the Brazilian transfer. Tourists want to include a player in the Gonzalo Higuain deal and save Chelsea from paying 9 million euros for a half-year rent. However, it is assumed that Juve will agree to monetary compensation for the rent of Higuain and will conduct separate negotiations on Emerson, who is also interested in Atletico. Chelsea leases Higuain from Juve in the same way as Milan. Milanese paid half the rent – 9 million. In the contract, the Argentinean will continue to operate the repurchase scheme for 36 million euros in the summer.

Spare Bench

There are five spare, which we simply can’t ignore: Christian Abbyati, Nikola Legrottaglie, Aldo Serena, Christian Vieri and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, unfortunately, do not fall into the starting lineup.