So, we introduce you main enemies of Juventus.

Juventus VS Torino

Between the two teams from Turin there was always a fierce struggle. Since 1970 between the ultras “Juve” and “Torino” is a war. There was a time when “Torino” hit the Serie B for a long time. How long should we wait before we can break them again? Such a question was asked by Juventus fans at the time. Enzo Maresca became a hero for Juve fans. Not only did he scored a very important goal in a match against Torino, but how he celebrated it was liked by Juve fans. He ran up to the stands, and on the fingers made a sign of the bull, so the players of “Torino” traditionally celebrated the goal, and Mareski’s gesture was offensive to the fans of “Torino”. For this reason, Mareska is a hero in the hearts of Juve fans.


The dislike of these two teams for each other began so long ago that no one even remembers the exact beginning. At each game of these two teams there are a large number of police officers, but there are still a lot of clashes, both at the stadium itself and beyond. Juve fans hate ultras with la Curva Fioseke in Firenze the most. Therefore, the day when Fialok was dropped to Serie C2 was fantastic for Juve fans.


This is the only way that Inter managed to get the Scudetto typical of Inter. The charges against Juventus have nothing to do with the 05/06 season, they relate only to the 04/05 season, and it was fair to deprive Juve of the Scudetto only for this season. Still, Inter was awarded with the Scudetto for the 05/06 season. Perhaps the “Juve” selected Scudetto, but we still Champions! The club likes the fact that “Inter” with so much money and power, did not win before that 17 years! Well, Inter gave that season to the Scudetto, but still they finished that season in third place. Inter all the time exposes the starting lineup in which there is no Italians. From Inter for Italy won the World Cup 2006 was only one person.

It’s absolute monarchy. Why is Juventus on top again?

How does this information attack react in Turin? Perhaps, on Corso Svizzera, urbi et órbi is reminiscent of the legendary “black and white” character and the iron Buffon, which alone can pull out matches? Or about the famous phrase Giampiero Boniperti, which every Orthodox “Juventino” should remember? Or about who has the strongest defenders in Italy? Or about the talent of Max to bring their teams to the best form in the second half of the season? Not. Tuttosport, in the first place, is looking for the extreme: “Hey, Allegri! And this is “Juve”? ”Secondly, it hints at the possibility of resignation. At the same time are called a variety of candidates, apart from which stands Lippi. For the past 12 years, as Don Marcello, the nightmare of any Juventus coach. I have no doubt that if, then, the Elkanns lost their nerves, the overwhelming majority of typhazi would warmly welcome the return of the gray-haired master to the bench.

However, none of the jubilant ones did not even guess about one event on that day, which they should be aware of. Immediately after the defeat at Mapei Stadium, the Bianconeris locked themselves in the dressing room. Details of what is happening are still unknown. It was rumored that it was not without battering. They say that in a critical situation the senators organized themselves and chose the only way they knew how to shake up the team – there was nothing to lose anyway. After all, Conte is no more, and Allegri is too soft.

Only six months later, when the fate of the title was actually decided, Patrice Evra opened the veil of secrecy. It turns out, and then in the locker room there were no heavy objects. And in general, enough words. First the speech was pushed by the captain, and then Evra himself. What they said, of course, need to be carefully outlined, sealed in an envelope and hidden in the most reliable cache. Over the following months, she smashed all the competitors, won 24 victories in 25 rounds, and three weeks before the finish she became Pentakampeon, taking place alongside the legendary Juve of the 1930s and Grande Torino. It was so amazing that Patrice Evra called the season 2015/16 the most beautiful and incredible victory in his trophy-rich career.

You can long try to unravel the secret of the transformation of Juventus, but never see the main thing behind numerous details. From about the first half of November, the situation began to slowly change in favor of bianconeri. Yes, slowly, but inevitably. As if the gears of the invisible mechanism spun in the right direction. It seemed that more recently, Gigi flew through the gates. And then – as cut off. Of course, it was not without luck – which is only worth the winning goal of Juan Quadrado in Derby della Mole, scored by a Colombian in the third minute added. But it was from this match that the winning streak began. But Fortune always favors the strongest. With the naked eye it was clear that Juventus, having groped the bottom, pushed off from it vigorously. The newcomers gradually got used to each other, caught Paulo Dibala’s courage, ran Mario Mandzukic, added Sami Khedira class, fired Simone Dzadza very early, returned to last year’s Alvaro Morata level, etc. What to hide assisted and competitors – never, since the mid-1990s of the twentieth century, has so many teams claimed the title. Perhaps it destroyed them. The principle of judo worked – when there are too many opponents, they only interfere with each other.

Capellar “Inter” grinded all with the score 1: 0. Distinguished taste of blood “dzhallorossi”, two seasons sitting in wait. Romantic “Fiorentina”, which the Portuguese wizard forced to play in such a calcio montelliano, which Vincenzo Montella never, dreamed of and “Napoli”, which was buried after the third round. “We all knew that Surry was the fourth or even fifth nominee on the Aurelio De Laurentis list,” Maurizio Pistocchi, one of the most respected Italian experts, said after a draw with Empoli. However, the Prophet of Bagnoli quickly worked on the bugs, rebuilt to a 4-3-3 module, and the “partyenopians” began to score points on the schedule of the Diego Maradona era.

Theoretically, any of the applicants could take the title if they wisely used the provided odds. However, in the second half of the season, it turned out that only Higuain and K° were dangerous for the champion. It’s a paradox, but Inter stopped winning when Roberto Mancini somehow improved the quality of the game. “Fiorentina” was ruined by blind faith in Kalinich and Della Valle’s greed during the winter transfer window. “Roma” at the crucial moment summed up the French coach, who lost contact with the fans and players. Today, the most popular topic in Roman bars is where would be the “dallorossi” if Luciano Spalletti returned a couple of months earlier. As a result, when it came to the final battle of diversity and dictatorship, only Napoli could enter the lists.

Among opponents of Juventus, it is customary to complain about fate. Like, in the crazy gol of Simone Dzadzy in the 88th minute, the factor of chance is great. But they forget that Napoli itself missed a wonderful chance to return to the first place. Indeed, after a zero “bianconeri” draw at Renato Dall’Ara, nothing prevented the Neapolitans from defeating Milan and once again climbing to the top. Who knows what it all would be over? History teaches that those who were fortunate enough to beat Juventus, gritting their teeth, won round by round, giving up their last strength. “Lazio” Tommaso Maestrelli, “Torino” Luigi Radiche and “Verona” Osvaldo Bagnoli managed to jump above their heads, to do something on the verge of imagination, to wait for a misfire “bianconeri.” Napoli managed to lose to Udinese at the most crucial moment. It is said: a decent one will pass. Well, it means they were not worthy.

What will be next? Just do not lie to yourself. A year later, Juventus will win the scudetto for the sixth time in a row, and then in the seventh, eighth … And this will continue until he himself is tired of it. Or he will not finally focus on the Champions League. Turintsy came to a new level, and in the future will come off further. As Carlo Nesti, who is both a fan of Juve and Toro, said, “bianconeri” managed to disprove the old rule that there should be at least some pause between two winning cycles of one club. However, in June 2015, the era of the Pirlo and Vidal teams ended successfully, and another one began immediately. In fact, this is a black mark for all other Italian clubs. Now they are doomed to compete for second place.

Previously, it was still possible to refer to the crisis of Milan, a period of turbulence in Roma and a change of owner in Inter. But what can be contrasted to the grandee who manages to shed their skin on the move – they try new things, experiment with tactics, allow themselves to be mistaken, refuse the winning trainer, cult figures, and renew the composition. And in the end it still turns out to be on top. The analogies with “Bavaria” and “PSG” are not entirely accurate here, because behind the success of “Juventus” is not worth the total economic superiority over other clubs. After all, if you count, “Napoli” and “Roma” spend on transfers no less.